Creative Couple

Creative Couple

Friday, 24 April 2015


I want to tell you about something that I have started using with my classes this year. It's called Kidblog.

I had always thought that a blog was a very interesting way to develop writing skills. In a sense, a blog is a diary or journal that allows someone to record thoughts, ideas, emotions and much more. This, I thought, was a perfect way to get my students motivated about writing.

My first experience was with this platform, Blogger. I took my students to the lab, in September and asked them to start a blog. Their first entry would be about their summer vacation. As soon as the blog were posted, I asked them to visit each other's blogs and comment. Things were going great until strangers started visiting my students' blogs. Some students had hundreds of visitors per day. I wasn't comfortable with my students continuing to expose their private life to strangers so I ended the project despite the numerous advantages it had.

I had pretty much abandonned the blog idea until I came upon Kidblog. Here are a few simple reasons for choosing to use Kidblog in the classroom.

Just follow the link from my website: under the TEACHING in the Tools for Teachers section. Here you'll find a list of other cool tools to use in class.

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