Creative Couple

Creative Couple

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Summer Programs

Let me take a little time today to talk about the great summer programs that are available to French speaking Quebec teens. There is a federal budget available to help fund second language learning in Canada. One of the most popular programs here is EXPLORE. Quebec teens receive a large number of government bursaries to participate in this program. Many of my students have participated in the past and they have all enjoyed their experience. They really do get better!

Another popular program is the one hosted by the YMCA. I have students who have also participated in this one. I think that most students worked either in daycare or babysitting jobs. Most enjoyed their experience but complained a little about working long hours.

If it's a greater adventure that you are looking for, then AFS is a good choice. A few of my students have participate in this program and we have also welcomed several AFS students at our school in the past few years.

For more information about summer programs, exchange programs and summer camps please visit my website at: in the Student Services tab.

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