Creative Couple

Creative Couple

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hump Day

Ah Wednesday, the hump day of the week. Once you get past this day, the rest is all down hill! There is a lot of tension in the air nowadays. The teacher's collective agreement here in Quebec has expired and negotiations are in full swing. From the teacher's point of view, the government has been short-changing us for several years and we believe that it is time for a well-deserved readjustment. From the government's point of view, we are in a period of "austerity" and teacher's salaries should not be increased for the next 2 years. Both parties are far from an agreement and subtle pressure tactics have been put into place. For instance, I am wearing black today to signify my disagreement with the government's decisions. Black Wednesdays will continue for several weeks as several more "subtle" pressure tactics arise.

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